R.R. Ispat Limited

R.R. Ispat Limited was established in May 1999 and commenced commercial production on 29.01.2000 manufacturing Wire rods with a capacity of 42,000 tonnes per annum, later enhanced to 65,000 MT per annum. The company has also installed a coal based gassifier plant. The company has increased its rolling capacity to 1,00,000 MTPA. It has also comissioned a Wire drawing section with capacity of 30,000 MTPA.

Meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the raw material procuring, manufacturing and after sales process has facilitated the company to come out with high quality products.

Growing with the need of offering standard products to renowned customers, RRI is striving for various technical innovations in both manufacturing and supply chain. BLOCK MILL technology (2nd plant in Central India) is one of the examples of it. This new process helped company to PROCESS R & D: scale their productivity more than 8 times in comparison to previous manufacturing scheme, i.e. ROLLING MILL. Hence, it not only adds value to the supply chain but also does well to expand the market share.

In addition to promoting environmental activities like plantation, saving water, RRI has succeeded in reducing carbon footprints. It has been vitalized by installing power generating unit through GREEN SOURCE such as WIND MILL across different Indian States.

The company has efficiently collaborated its manufacturing practices with issues like ZERO WASTE DISCHARGE and WATER HARVESTING for environment friendly solutions.



WIRE ROD 1,00,000 MTA
HB WIRE 1,00,000 MTA

Contact Information

490/1, Urla Industrial Complex, Raipur – 493221, Chhattisgarh, India